In 4 days I will help you
Solidify your message & offer
So you can start serving clients and earning money
JUNE 27-30th, 2022 for only $47 USD  
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Does any of this sound like you?
You are great at what you do, but you don’t know how to convey how valuable your service is
You know there are people out there desperately searching for your help, but you don’t know how to find them
Even if you do sometimes find them, you don’t know what to say, because you hate sounding “salesy”
You’ve been told to show up authentically, but you have no idea what that means
​You have a grand vision for your business, but you have no idea how to get there
You don’t have a solid business foundation or what that even consists of

You want to help people,
and you know you can! 

You are a coach, a healer, a helper, and you wish you had…

  • A personalized and sustainable business model
  • ​A real foundation for your unique business
  • ​A clear path that shows you what to effectively spend your time on
  • Confidence to tell people how you can help them
  • ​A clear and simple laid out client journey

The problem is…

You are not sure who is your ideal client, and if you don’t know who they are, how can you find them?

You know you have tons of marketing options, but who knows which ones will actually work?

It is scary to put yourself out there!

You don’t want to be one of those people always selling, always bugging. Ew.

You don’t have a simple, clear offer that you LOVE and draws clients to you.

You are a coach, a healer, a helper, not a marketer, a strategist, a salesperson.

Let me help you...

  • Understand the exact steps to create a successful business
  • ​Eliminate confusion about what to do and what to say
  • Take ideas and turn them into action steps
  • ​Eliminate wasting more time due to procrastination
  • ​Stop trying to fit into someone else’s idea of the perfect business structure

You are a coach, a healer, and you’re ready to help people, but now it’s time to learn a whole new skillset -
the skill of being an entrepreneur

What if,
in just
4 days

  • You knew who you are looking for and where to find them
  • You knew what to say to get them excited about your offer
  • You had the confidence to say it
  • You woke up each day knowing what to do next
  • You had a strategy that you're excited to put into action - because it’s yours
  • Your offer was so clear, your person hears it and instantly understands how life-changing it is and how perfect it is for them

Join me for 4 days to clarify your message and offer, get answers to your questions, and create a solid plan to boost your business. 

I’ll help you arrive at brilliant clarity and essential confidence, without distraction or procrastination. 

Take this time to get it all hammered out. 

You'll go from ideas and desire into plans and actions that you are excited to take.

June 27-30, 2022
Two Call Opportunities: 10 AM CST and 6 PM CST


  • You don’t where or how to get your clients
  • You don’t know what to do next or on an ongoing basis
  • You don’t know what to say or how to say it
  • ​You don’t have a signature offer to get new clients

After Business LIFT-OFF Workshop

  • You’ll have clarity about who your clients are, what their real problem is and what they are looking for
  • You’ll be taking consistent action that you know will get results
  • You'll know exactly what to say, and it will be obvious to your clients how you can help them
  • ​You'll have an offer that feels great to you and your business will be a delight

After going through this workshop, you’ll have the essential foundation to build your business.

You’ll know what direction to go.

You will feel calm and excited to tackle the tasks you’ve put on your plan.

You’ll love your offer so much, you’ll feel confident and motivated to keep moving forward.  

Here’s what we’ll do:

Step 1

Clarity around your ideal client, and exactly how to find them.

Step 2

Craft a clear message that feels authentic, showcases your value, and gets people excited to work with you.

Step 3

Solidify the irresistible offer that your clients have been waiting for!

Here’s how I’ll support you:

I’ll teach you the 3 foundations to make money now
I'll show you how to map out your client journey

Live coaching every day

Your questions answered - you can even pitch for feedback

Community support through the FB group

You cannot lose - You will learn the foundations you need for a successful business, you’ll take away new ideas to implement, and you’ll feel confident about what you do. 

This is the week that transforms you from a struggling practitioner to a confident entrepreneur.  

Only $47
June 27-30th, 2022
Two Call Opportunities: 
10 AM CST and 6 PM CST

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Sign up before June 25th to secure your place

How it works:

  • Sign up for only $47
  • ​You’ll receive an email inviting you to the exclusive Facebook group.
  • ​Starter guides will be ready for you in the group to jump-start your journey 
  • ​Show up every day to the live calls - ask questions, refine your pitch, get coached and listen to the coaching
  • ​Do the work and shock yourself with your progress

Hi, I'm Kim...

I love working with people who are ready to approach their service and business in a new way. My clients are open to growth. They’re excited to do this work; to grow their purpose driven business to a new level, to one of consistency and stability. Those are my people.

I’ve trained as a life coach through The Life Coach School, a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga teacher, Massage Therapist trained in somatic therapy, and a Reiki Master. But the most important education I gained was from starting and growing more than a dozen businesses over the last 27 years. I know what it’s like to gain knowledge, hone my skills, and then get my name out there to the people who need me. That is my superpower

And when I looked around at my peers, I saw so many amazing service providers who are struggling to make it in business. I know their work is important. It is transformative! It is helping create a better world for my kids and grandkids.

I recognize how frustrated they are when they have such great gifts, and are not able to offer it to the world because they are missing the business piece. I have the missing piece and I want to share it with you during Business Lift-Off Week!

 Talk about the no BS coach approach. Kim will blow your mind. She gets right to the point and sees through all my crap. Her program is the best thing I have ever done for myself. 
 I’ve been working with Kim for 2 months and my mind is officially blown. She isn’t kidding when she says your life will transform. I’m so glad I’m out of the trap. I broke through what I had been fighting for 45 years!!!
If you are considering working with her I say just DO IT. Don’t wait. 
I love Kim’s coaching sessions....She gets right to the point and focuses on the situation in hand with “no BS.” 

Your Questions, Answered!

How much time do I need to devote to this each day?
Set aside 1 hour per day to go through material and complete tasks.  
What if I can’t show up to the live calls?
The calls will be recorded and saved in a private vault where you can watch at your convenience. 
How long will I have access to the materials?
You'll have lifetime access to your vault and call recordings. 
What if I fall behind?
Prepare in advance to catch up as soon as you can. You'll have the material to catch up in your own time. 
What’s a client’s journey and why do I need to map it for them?
CLARITY. It's so important to have a clear vision of what your ideal client needs are so you can serve them effectively.  
I already know who I serve, is this relevant to me?
That is helpful yet business foundation, refreshing offers, and messaging are always evolving as you grow your business. 
I'm not on Facebook, is there another way to access the info?
Live calls will be hosted on Zoom and the replays will be housed on private vault that is not on Facebook. You'll miss out on the private community. 
I know lots of tactics already, will you tell me which is the “right one”?
I will give you personalized feedback according to your goals. This is not a cookie cutter model.
Do you have experience with MY niche?
I have experience in direct sales, in-person service based business, and online service based business. There is not much that I haven't done in my 27 years of entrepreneur experience. 

I created this workshop for the coaches, practitioners and healers who:

  • Have amazing skill and gifts that need to be presented to the world and are ready to be real business owners
  • Want a personalized and sustainable business they they love
  • Don’t consider themselves “sales people” or “marketing gurus”
  • ​Are tired of considering their options and are ready to choose a strategy and go for it.

Who it’s not for:

  • Those that don’t feel passionate about their work; it’s just a hobby and they want it to stay that way
  • People who don’t want to put in some work to get things figured out
  • ​People who just want a cookie-cutter plan handed to them

You can do this, even if...

  • You’ve never done this before
  • You hate social media
  • You are scared
  • You have never sold anything in your life
  • You don’t know how to run a business

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